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Car Servicing

We offer minor interim car servicing as well as a full package designed to cover all bases. When carrying out car servicing, our team follows an extensive check list to ensure your vehicle is safe, in good shape and performing optimally. Among the services included in both packages is oil filter replacement, engine oil refilling, and examination of clutches, brakes and timing belts.

However, these are just a handful of the many aspects involved in a Morley service. Remember, car servicing massively increases the likelihood you will pass an MOT if you’re nearly due one. We specialise in work on classic and performance cars, so if you need your pride and joy looked over, or perhaps car repairs carried out on it, we’re the firm for you.

Why it's important to change your oil

Metal surfaces rub against each other when your car's engine is running causing friction which generates heat. Your engine oil cools down these metal surfaces and lubricates the moving parts to minimise wear.

Over a period of time, your engine oil gradually loses the ability to lubricate and protect your engine components meaning that they will wear much faster. To prevent this, most car manufacturers recommend replacing your oil every 6,000 miles. An oil change is particularly important if you have long intervals between each service or your mileage is very high or low.