As you start driving more with the easing of restrictions, you might find your car has developed some problems from not being used much in the past few months.

We want to make sure your journey is SAFE.

For added peace of mind, get your vehicle professionally checked with a service or health check from Morley Auto Services.

Air in tyres
Your car manual will tell you the right pressure for your tires. Most petrol stations will have a pressure gauge and air pump, so check when you fill up.

Fill up screenwash
Check fluid is topped up and the windscreen wipers work, without streaking water.

Examine lights and tyre tread
Turn on all the lights and walk around the car to check.
Turn the steering wheel fully to the left or right. Look for treadwear indicators at the bottom of the tyre grooves. If they're flush with the level of the read, you need to replace the tyre.

You can read more about car safety checks here:

If you're worried about the safety of your car, or need advice for how to keep your vehicle in good condition, come and visit Morley Auto Services for help.

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